Software Engineer III

at Wal-Mart Associates, Inc. in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States

Job Description

Duties: Performs requirement and scoping analysis, including traceability matrix; risk analysis methodologies; cost analysis; business objectives; classification of requirements; user stories to understand the business/stakeholder/technical requirements and assists in analyzing the existing solutions to address the needs (in case of agile methodology, for the iteration). Prepares requirement traceability matrix and maintain traceability between business requirements, functional requirements, design, and test cases. Contributes to the creation of user stories for component/module/simple requirements (based on scalability, etc.) for Agile methodology. Reviews coding standards and guidelines; coding languages (including JavaScript, Python, C#, etc.), frameworks (including ActiveX, .Net, Cocoa, Android application framework, etc.), tools (, Linx, Embold, etc.) and Platforms (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Apple IOS, etc.); Quality, Safety and Security (PCI, etc.) standards; utilizes emerging tools and technologies, including Telemetry, to create/configure minimalistic code for entire component/application and ensure the components are meeting business/technical requirements, non-functional requirements, low-maintainability, high-availability, and high-scalability needs. Assists in the selection of appropriate languages (JavaScript, Python, C#, etc.), development standards and tools (, Linx, Embold, etc.) for software coding/configuration. Builds scripts for automation of repetitive and routine tasks in CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery), testing or any other process (as applicable). Implements telemetry features as required independently. Ensures security policy requirements are properly applied to components/application during code development/configuration. Performs testing, including test case preparation; test objectives; test strategy; test types; test tools (Automation - Selenium, Agile - Jira, Mobile - Eggplant, etc.); test environment; root cause analysis. Maps customer requirements to test objectives. Identifies and creates test cases for the component/module. Executes test cases to test the code and detect errors and defects for the entire component. Executes different types of testing using appropriate testing tools based on the testing needs. Performs defect management and troubleshooting: defect life-cycle process, defect tracking tools and methodologies; defect reporting; regression testing; root cause analysis; and root cause corrective action. Tracks and analyzes defects for the component/ module and carries out regression testing to fix defects in all instances of code changes. Analyzes defects from past projects/solutions to avoid recurrence of similar defects. Troubleshoots performance and availability bottlenecks for the applications. Performs DevOps Orientation, including different operating systems; software maintenance tools and techniques; application monitoring tools and techniques; debugging tools; mock screen; pseudocodes; reverse engineering; traceability matrix; system performance, security, integration; data migration and accessibility; design methodologies. Conducts complex maintenance procedures for applications independently. Monitors and evaluates the performance of the application by tracking and analyzing appropriate metrics. Performs maintenance (corrective, adaptive, perfective) and re-engineering activities. Analyzes application logs, maintenance activity data, performance data and provide analysis; evaluates change requests to identify those which are valid and feasible. Conducts program monitoring including program metrics; program reporting, logging tools and processes; continuous integration/continuous deployment (CICD) to ensure adherence to the project against approved milestones and timelines.

Minimum education and experience required: : Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Software Engineering, or related field plus 2 years of experience in software engineering or a related field.

Skills required: Must have experience with: Designing and implementing REST API web services using Java; Implementing OOP concepts and designing patterns in object-oriented programming languages (Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, C++). SQL databases (Postgres, MySQL); Building products with focus on testability with testing frameworks like Mockito and Junit; CI/CD and agile methodologies; Troubleshooting live application, assessing performance bottlenecks of application running on cloud services like Azure, GCP; Developing microservices using Java, Spring Boot with distributed systems and teams; Health care systems and HIPAA standards; Designing and integrating NoSQL databases to application for persisting data; Kafka Queues. Employer will accept any amount of experience with the required skills.

To apply for this position: Send your resume to and reference the following Job ID number R-1783912

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Posted On: Feb 17, 2024

Updated On: Mar 19, 2024

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