Quality Lab Technician (Bag Making)

at Bryce Corporation in Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Job Description

Summary: Inspects and tests printed and laminated samples of flexible packaging materials to verify conformance to prescribed standards and specifications and to assist production personnel in solving quality control problems.

Key Accountabilities

+ Obtains laminated samples from operator and checks as follows:

+ Examines general appearance and checks dimensions for accuracy.

+ Uses, on occasion, micrometer to check for gauge bands.

+ Weighs, with precision laboratory balance, strips of film to determine basis weights, cold seal weights and adhesive weights, using specifications from production order, basis weights charts, templates, and template factors.

+ Checks bonds and seals of laminated material using Instron machine.

+ Checks whiteness level of laminated material with X-rite.

+ Uses coefficient of friction (COF) testing device to measure ability of material to slide over surface of bag-former machine.

+ Reports any findings not adhering to specifications to Laminating Technician and Shift Supervisor and issues “hold tickets” on defective material.

+ Enters test results into computer database.

+ Performs additional tests and material rechecks as needed.

+ Checks treat level of films, indicating which side is to be printed or laminated.

+ Changes regulators and gauges on laboratory gas cylinders as required.

+ Performs customer correlation tests on occasion.

+ Keeps lab equipment clean and maintains work areas in neat and orderly fashion.

+ Uses opacity machine or X-rite to gauge light transmission properties and checks Universal Product Code (UPC) with scanner to ensure accuracy and legibility.

+ Operates gas chromatograph to detect presence of and identify retained solvents in the packaging materials.

+ Performs other related work as required.

Education and Experience

+ High School education or G.E.D.

Skills, Abilities, and Competencies

+ Effective in completion of multi-faceted projects in conjunction with daily activities.

+ Ability to read and comprehend production orders.

+ Ability to analyze and solve problems.

+ Good communication and interpersonal skills.

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Posted On: Sep 25, 2022

Updated On: Nov 13, 2022