Maintenance Supervisor

at Post Foods in Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States

Job Description

The purpose of this job is to manage technical resources to ensure adequate plant maintenance and repair so that production interruptions and downtime are minimized.  This includes planning, managing, directing and coordinating of maintenance activities for manufacturing equipment repairs. Support, implement, and maintain food safety and quality practices as required through SQF.  Will be responsible for completing job duties in a manner that supports all plant safety, food safety, quality, and environmental practices.

  1. Plan, manage, organize, schedule and coordinate work activities of maintenance department and contractors to meet production needs.
  2. Monitor progress of maintenance activities to insure assignments are completed.
  3. Direct department activities including supervising staff and resources, assigning projects, identifying and communicating constraints, setting priorities, and conflict resolution.
  4. Act as a contact between production, engineering and maintenance to resolve equipment and maintenance issues.
  5. Work cooperatively with other Supervisors to support preventive maintenance program, project activities, and other maintenance functions.
  6. Order emergency/urgent replacement parts and expedite to insure delivery on schedule.
  7. Lay out prints of replacement parts for fabrication for the drafting department.
  8. Provide direction and supervision to direct reports, along with general administrative supervision of the indirect reports.
  9. Interview, hire, discharge, oversee training and conduct performance reviews.
  10. Enforce all PCB policies and procedures.
  11. Provide assistance in solving maintenance and repair problems, must find solutions to crisis and plan crisis prevention.
  12. Serve as back-up for Maintenance Manager.
  13. Assist maintenance staff in any area as required and handle assigned special projects.
  14. Provide input to engineering on equipment design.
  15. Assist in training of production staff where maintenance input is needed.
  16. Plan, budget, organize and coordinate building and equipment projects.
  17. Provide input to production scheduling to allow maintenance work on equipment.
  18. Assist in development of new equipment and operating procedures.
  19. Set priorities on maintenance activities.
  20. Modify and design changes to production equipment in response to production problems.
  21. Provide consulting and technical services to all company departments in areas of technical services and maintenance.
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Posted On: May 16, 2022

Updated On: Jun 16, 2022