Press Assistant Operator

at Bryce Corporation in Searcy, Arkansas, United States

Job Description

Job Purpose: Performs prescribed duties and assists the Press Operator as requested in setting up and running a flexographic press printing multi-colored designs and lettering on a flexible web consisting of plastic, cellophane, paper, etc.

Key Accountabilities:

+ Assists the Press Operator in set-up activities by obtaining necessary raw materials (inks, films) for impending job, checking against production order to insure accuracy, and assembling other required elements such as pans, pumps, covers, etc.

+ Assists Press Operator in loading cylinders (1-10 per job; 75-280 lbs each) into press.

+ Loads proper film onto unwind, checking for defects and maintaining accurate weight records and checking correct side to print on using base film guide.

+ Lifts unwind shafts (approx. 30-75 lbs each) as necessary to remove empty cores and load new ones.

+ Fills ink pumps, secures hoses, and transfers ink to designated printing unit.

+ Sets ink viscosities to prescribed standards using Zahn cup and timer.

+ Lifts and transports ink kits (15-75 lbs each) as necessary.

+ Maintains accurate records on inks, solvents, and related materials coming to press.

+ Maintains adequate ink and film supplies to press and replenishes unwind material as required.

+ Checks and documents ink viscosities at prescribed intervals and ensures ink volume sufficiency.

+ Assists operator in matching printed ink samples to color standards at prescribed intervals.

+ Watches web for problems during operator absence and reacts accordingly.

+ Cleans the equipment and work areas and secures materials for impending jobs as production activity allows.

+ Keeps the floor free of liquid.

+ Returns, with occasional assist from operator, ink and other materials to their designated storage areas with proper information attached.

+ Cleans ink equipment in automatic vat as required.

+ Works with the operator in a manner necessary to facilitate learning, preparing for the job of Press Operator as a mandatory promotional step and/or emergency situations.

+ Performs other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience:

+ High School education or G.E.D.

+ Previous Press experience.

Skills, Abilities and Competencies:

+ Ability to read and comprehend production orders.

+ Ability to analyze and solve problems.

+ Good communication and interpersonal skills.

+ Excellent organizational skills.


+ Must be willing to work 12-hour night shift, weekends and holiday.

If interested in this position, please submit a resume or letter of qualifications to Human Resources.
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Job Posting: JC209741812

Posted On: Apr 10, 2022

Updated On: Jun 11, 2022