Extrusion Operator for Blown Film/Marmaduke

in Greene County, AR

Job Description

Read job specifications to determine machine adjustments and material requirements.,Possess ability to operate and inspect one winder of a Blown Film line to ensure all products meet specifications.,Assist in Core tagging all products ran for traceability and pack accordingly. , Observes BF machine operation to detect work piece defects or machine malfunction,Performs Screen change / Pulling of Elbow as needed, line changes must be made so that they are operating in a timely, efficient manner. This should be accomplished with a minimum of “chunks”. All good chunks are “small pieces” placed on a clean surface and ready for transport to Grinder Station.,Possess ability to properly set-up Winders to product specifications including safe disposal of used blades,Regularly check roll widths to ensure products meet specifications,Regularly weigh every 3rd set to ensure products meet specifications.,Understand and work to achieve standard production rates on the Blown Film Lines, Responsible for pulling and cleaning Dies, Screws, Elbows, and /misc. equipment as required in a timely manner.m Responsible for overall safety of the facility and assist others to work safely. Observe all Blown Film Safety Rules; always use cutting tool so that the cut is made cutting away from the body keeping hands out of the path of the cutting tool, always wear safety glasses when using compressed air, always manually open Nip point before threading the winder, Responsible for operating both winders during break times,Ensure PMO and attendance objectives are met.,Share responsibility of meeting ASI/AIB Housekeeping standards,Follow all Standards of Conduct as stated in the Anchor Packaging Handbook.,Ensures a Clean work environment.,Teaches/Trains new associates,Responsible for other duties as assigned 

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Job Posting: 3142547

Posted On: Nov 23, 2021

Updated On: Jan 18, 2022