Certified Nursing Assistant

in County, AR

Job Description

Duties And Responsibilities

  1. Bathe And Dress Patients/Clients: The most important duty of a certified nursing assistant/aide is to help patients/clients with their basic needs such as going to the toilet, eating, and bathing. The patients/clients generally are elderly or stroke victims.  They might include people recovering from accidents, injuries, or surgeries.
  2. Feeding The Patients/Clients: Serving meals is an important part of the job. The patients who are unable to feed themselves are fed by the nursing assistant/aide. Prepares the food for the patients and keep track of the foods that are not healthy for the patient.
  3. Keeping A Regular Record Of Vital Signs: When needed CNAs are responsible for keeping a record of vital signs. In general, a schedule is designed to record blood pressure, temperature, or blood sugar levels.
  4. Help Keep the Environment Clean: Duties also include making beds and help keep the environment clean. This can mean changing soiled sheets and emptying the bedpans.
  5. Shopping and Errands: Shopping or running errands for or with clients are also duties and responsibilities of CNA.                       
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Posted On: Nov 22, 2021

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