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Since our start in 2015, we’ve gone from a group of individuals to a community pushing toward the same goal of building a fantastic company with great people, great products, and, most importantly, a great culture. To date, we have grown from a handful of school districts in Arkansas to thousands of school districts across the U.S. Apptegy is building products to empower school leaders to run better schools. We have the opportunity to help schools as they go through a radical shift in how they operate and to provide great technology to make that transition. Our Tech Ops team is growing again as we add more clients every month. We are focused on bringing thoughtful, high-performers together to craft an experience for our clients and to make Apptegy a better place than it already is. But first… We’ve written the description below to be helpful to you. After reading it, you should be able to decide for yourself if this is something you should pursue or not. The best way to get a first interview is to write thoughtful answers that will make us want to learn more about you. You should put in the same effort that you bring to your work each and every day. We read each application, resume, and cover letter. Nothing is automated and there is no machine or robot. On the Tech Ops team… You will become a product expert on Thrillshare. You will work with and teach our client-facing teams to support their clients, learn new features, and stay current as our product expands and grows. The team empowers our clients and teammates to perform at the highest level possible through training and our support channels. You will be responsible for:

+ Directly and indirectly providing an incredible experience for our clients when they reach out to Apptegy for support using our products.

+ Testing new features

+ Creating additional documentation when needed To do that you will become an expert at Apptegy’s product and its features.

What else should I know about the role? Our core product, Thrillshare, enables schools across the U.S. to communicate, share stories, and build a strong brand. During onboarding and training, you will be expected to learn quickly and go deep into the product. We are open to various backgrounds, but you should have a technical background or a technical mindset. For example, you should be someone who naturally enjoys troubleshooting problems and/or walking someone through the steps to get their internet/computer/email working. After 3+ months, you should know the product at a deep level so that you can assist and support our clients and our Onboarding and Client Success teams. In addition, knowledge of testing or an interest in testing is helpful. The Tech Ops team also handles some testing for each update and release of our core product. What is expected of a Tech Ops Rep at Apptegy? We have high expectations for the next member of our Tech Ops team. The number of clients and users has increased dramatically in the past year. Yet, we are intent on crafting an experience unlike any other vendor. In a Tech Ops role, we expect you to: 1. Be responsible and own your work : When you’re given a task, you own it in every way. If you do not know the answer to a question, you own up to that and look for the answer, whether that means asking for help or doing hours of research until you solve it. 2. Be curious & dig in: You push yourself to dive in completely to your task, understand it from every angle, and to learn more. You do the follow up work necessary so that you can gain expertise. 3. Be technically minded & have an eye for detail: Tech Ops is a role that requires you to understand the finer points and capabilities of our product. It’s not enough to know what it does; you will be responsible for understanding how it does it and why. An interest in or experience with code, programming or computer science is helpful. Moreover, you must be able to see and notice the smallest details from a misplaced comma to uncovering what a client is really asking in their question. 4. Have a sense of urgency & drive: You will do whatever it takes to help a client, a coworker, or a project move forward. You’re able to put aside what is easiest for you to deliver an experience that is best for others and do so with speed. 5. Empower others: While you are expected to learn and know the product at a deep level, you must be able to take that knowledge and communicate it to others. A key part of this role is translating what you know in a way that is understandable and gives clients and coworkers confidence in the product and in their ability to help others. What leads to success? Willingness to work hard and do whatever it takes:

+ You are disciplined and look for ways to get more done in less time at a high quality.

+ You have an internal need to do your best at everything you do. If there is a job to be done, it should be done well.

+ While you push yourself, you keep the goals of the whole company in mind.

An ability to manage your day and be effective & efficient:

+ You have managed your own workflow and schedule.

+ You do not need someone to guide your day or tell you what to do next.

+ You can anticipate and work ahead so that you have time to handle urgent and important tasks as they come up.

Technically minded and empathetic:

+ You enjoy analyzing a product, looking through code, and being able to break a problem down.

+ You know how to write effective emails and engage professionally across all channels (phone, video, written).

+ When you communicate you do so with empathy to help others instead of showing off your knowledge.

What else should I know? We expect you to bring your whole self to work and that begins with your application and interviews. The way you interview should be a reflection of how you work. Our best employees prepare, are meticulous, and aim to put their whole energy into whatever it is they are doing. We take our responsibility as a company seriously and aim to make this the best job that you’ve had (and one that sets you up for future success). We want your day at work and your time at home to be a joyful experience that’s why we provide:

+ Medical, dental, vision insurance for you and dependents

+ Matching 401(k) retirement plan

+ Discretionary/flexible paid time off policy

+ Parental leave

+ Dependent Care FSA

If the challenge of building a rapidly growing startup excites you as much as it does us, we hope that you’ll consider joining us. —

Apptegy is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

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