Senior Data Scientist

at Wal-Mart Associates, Inc. in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States

Job Description

Duties: Develop custom data models to drive innovative business solutions. Build complex data sets from multiple data sources, both internally and externally. Conduct advanced statistical analysis to determine trends and significant data relationships. Build learning systems to analyze and filter continuous data flows and offline data analysis. Train algorithms to apply models to new data sets. Validate models and algorithmic techniques. Scale new algorithms to large data sets. Combine data features to determine search models. Research new techniques and best practices within the industry. Utilize system tools including (MySQL, Hadoop, Weka, R, Matlab, ILog). Analyze large data sets to develop custom models and algorithms to drive business solutions. Work on project teams in order to provide analytical support to projects (for example, email targeting, business optimization, consumer recommendations) for Walmart eCommerce. Build large data sets from multiple sources in order to build algorithms for predicting future data characteristics. Those algorithms will be tested, validated, and applied to large data sets. Train algorithms so they can be applied to future data sets and provide the appropriate search results. Research new trends in the industry and utilizing up-to-date technology (for example, HBase, MapReduce, LAPack, Gurobi) and analytical skills to support their assigned project.


Minimum education and experience required: Master’s degree or the equivalent in Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, or related field plus 2 years of experience in data science or related experience; OR Bachelor's degree or the equivalent in Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering, or related field plus 5 years of experience in data science or related experience.


Skills Required: Must have experience with: Translating business requirements into data solutions including data analyses, modelling and visualization; Evaluating the ongoing effectiveness of current plans, programs and initiatives (in Supply Chain organization); Supply-chain activities and imparting that expertise into building various end-to-end Data Science solutions; Consulting with business partners, managers and other key stakeholders for improving effectiveness and cost-efficiency Consult with business partners, managers and other key stakeholders for improving effectiveness and cost-efficiency; Devising Go-To market strategies for supply-chain projects and extend existing solutions to new markets; Designing, developing and implementing proof-of-concepts using Rapid Prototyping techniques; Building, deploying and automating production quality Machine Learning models; Using languages like SQL, Python to extract data from various sources including Teradata, Hadoop etc.; Performing Data preparation tasks including Data Cleansing, Data Transformation, Outlier Detection, Missing Data Imputation and Winsorizing; Performing Exploratory Data Analysis and visualizing Descriptive Statistics of the data; Dashboarding tools like Tableau and Power BI to present data findings to Business audience; Visualization of data using Tableau to show key performance indicators for the business along with key insights; Using analytical tools including SAS, R, Python and Tableau to design, develop and deliver data science solutions; ML and apply to the development, execution and improvement of action plans by providing expert advice and guidance; Building Unsupervised Machine learning models like Clustering, Customer Segmentation and Text Mining etc.; Building Supervised ML models using techniques like Classification, Linear Regression, Multi Linear Regression, Ridge Regression and XGBoost; Building Time-series forecasting models using FBProphet, Simple Exponential Smoothing, De-seasonalized and De-Trended models (manual ARIMA); and Defining hypotheses and building statistical models to prove / disprove the hypotheses and presenting the findings to business audience. Employer will accept any amount of professional experience with the required skills.


To apply for this position:  Send your resume to and reference the following Job ID number:   R-800702

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Posted On: Oct 22, 2021

Updated On: Nov 22, 2021