Food and Service Worker (Barista)

at 19th Force Support Squadron in Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas, United States

Job Description

  • Responsibilities

    1. Operates limited coffee operation. Prepares a limited variety of hot beverages such as cappuccinos, brewed coffees, lattes, espressos, hot chocolate and etc. by selecting proper ingredients and following recipe. Serves mixed beverages such as iced coffees, fruit drinks, smoothies and etc. by selecting proper ingredients and following recipe. Serves other cold beverages and food items such as soda, juice, cookies, muffins, pastries and etc. Serves patrons directly, receives payment, operates cash register, and makes and returns change to patrons.

    2. Sets up work area for operations and obtains cash bank. Maintains that work area neat and clean. Sets up/cleans tables for customers and replenishes condiment items and stocks as necessary. Scrapes, soaks, scours glassware, dishes and utensils as required. Also performs heavy duty cleaning tasks as required as follows: coffee machines, ceilings, under and behind equipment, refrigerators, washes floors and walls, sanitizes garbage cans and etc. May unload and organize stock from delivery truck. Collects/transfers trash from work area to disposal area.

    3. Assists with inventories, identifies items for re-ordering. May be required to prepare documentation for cash funds accountability.

    4. Must provide quality customer service at all times, and must be able to work in a courteous and cooperative manner with co-workers and supervisor.

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Posted On: Oct 15, 2021

Updated On: Oct 26, 2021