LPN/RN (Nurse)

at Pathfinder, Inc. in Batesville, Arkansas, United States

Job Description


Works under the direction of the Program Administrator, their designee or the RN Consultant. Prepares and provides assistance to Pathfinder Registered Nurses, staff, individuals served, parents, and/or legally responsible person of the consumers we serve. Administers medication and renders first aid and subsequent treatment to injured or ill clients as needed and qualified to perform.  Is responsible for recording and charting of all medication during duties related to nursing.



  1. Insures that the facility is in compliance with ICF/DD regulations as it pertains to nursing care.
  2. Administers prescribed and treatment medications.
  3. Follows Individual Client’s Self-Administer Program as outlined in the client’s IPP.
  4. Responsible for ordering and receiving medications and other documentation required by ICF/DD regulations in regards to the medicine program.
  5. Ensures accurate count and documentation of controlled medications/substances and prepares the return of unused controlled drugs to the Health Department as required by law.
  6. Documents in client medical record as required by facility.
  7. Sterilizes, disinfects, anoints, and bandages minor cuts and burns.
  8. Administers medications, such as aspirin or antiseptic solution, to relieve pain or prevent infection until patient can receive professional care, and gives prescribed medicines and treatments for illness.
  9. Visits residents three to four times a day to administer/monitor and chart medications.
  10. Trains residents in self-medication (SAM).
  11. Gives tube feedings as necessary.
  12. Notifies families of infectious diseases.
  13. Maintains client medical control file.
  14. Performs any other related duties as required or assigned.
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Posted On: Oct 15, 2021

Updated On: Nov 14, 2021