Technical Machine Operator, Entry - Welding on 1st Shift

in Faulkner County, AR

Job Description

Job closes 9-30-21.

Job Purpose:
Sets up, modifies existing programs, and/or operates computer numeric controlled equipment to promote safe, efficient operations.



Required Qualifications:
• A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent plus prior technical experience is preferred. 
• Good communication skills, good basic mathematical skills, and good analytical abilities. 
• Good teamwork skills, able to meet quality requirements, flexible, and able to meet and maintain performance standards.
• Must be flexible with required working hours, including overtime.
• Must be flexible within the department and willing to flex to other departments as needed



Essential Functions:
• Sets up and operates technical equipment.
• Sets up and operates computer numeric controlled (CNC) equipment.
• Must be able to read prints and measuring devices.
• Must be able to help troubleshoot equipment.
• Requires some guidance from Team Leader or Production Supervisor.
• Checks product for quality and completeness.
• Places parts in specified relationship to each other.
• Works at different workstations to meet production requirements.
• Works under direct supervision on duties and tasks that are standardized, selecting from written instructions and established procedures. 
• Resolves routine questions and problems, referring more complex issues to higher levels.
• Must be able to work under minimal or no supervision.
• Minimizes the scrapped material being produced by machinery.
• Follows all the safety regulations and procedures.  Identifies potential hazards in the work area.
• Performs all duties of production associate.
• Attends all scheduled safety meetings.
• Maintains good housekeeping in work area.
• Must be able to use and read tape measure.
• Must be able to read and follow production work orders.
• Reports type and quantity of parts made or worked on.
• Performs overtime as assigned.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

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