Production Stacker

in Hot Spring County, AR

Job Description

SUMMARY Handling, stacking, and grading of material up to 18ft in length and weighing up to 50lbs repetitively. Continuous wrapping and sub-bundling of material and stacking of millwork for shipment. General cleaning of work area and surroundings. Banding together units at the end of each production run. RESPONSIBILITIES Keep the work area and surrounding areas clean and free of debris and trip hazards. Learn quality requirements for material grading. Learn where the machine line stops and emergency stops are located and familiarize yourself with the equipment and how it functions. Wrap and stack material that has been graded as “good”. Pull “bad” material off the line and stack in designated area. Use a tape measure and miter saw to cut runners and side boards to the proper length for banding. This information is found on the production schedule. Band the last unit of each run so the sander operator can begin setup for the next production. Ensure the UPC label being applied is the correct label. Stop the line and find a supervisor if any issues arise with quality or equipment malfunctions.

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Job Posting: 2997699

Posted On: Sep 13, 2021

Updated On: Sep 13, 2021