Senior Backend Engineer (Agnostic)

at Apptegy in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

Job Description

Since our start in 2015, we’ve gone from a group of individuals to a community pushing toward the same goal of building a fantastic company with great people, great products, and, most importantly, a great culture. To date, we have grown to thousands of school districts across the U.S.

Apptegy is building products to empower school leaders to run better schools. We have the opportunity to help schools as they go through a radical shift in how they operate and to provide great technology to make that transition. We are continuing to grow quickly at national scale and are focused on bringing thoughtful, high-performers together to craft amazing products for our clients and to make Apptegy a better place than it already is. What we’ve built & are building: Apptegy works with thousands of schools and school districts across the United States. For the past 6 years, we’ve been working to make our technology a breath of fresh air. School leaders, superintendents and administrators have some of the most stressful and demanding jobs in the world. They are responsible for the safety, well being, and education of thousands of students. Every day they juggle the roles of politician, disciplinarian, visionary, and accountant. That’s why we focus on simplicity. By making everything simple, we lower the technical barrier so that any administrator can lead with the most powerful tools available. In short, we are enabling school leaders to brand, market, and strengthen their schools. Amazing events and happenings occur in schools every day and our technology allows that to be shared across web, mobile, social media, and alerts with a single, simple-to-use tool. Senior Backend Engineer: At Apptegy, we use Ruby on Rails, one of the modern programming languages used by companies like Shopify, Airbnb, GitHub, Crunchbase, Groupon, to build our platforms. While our backend engineers work in Ruby and Rails, we are looking for an experienced senior engineer to join our team regardless of direct experience with Ruby or Rails in the past. If you enjoy building meaningful technology with thoughtful teams and you’re still interested in a challenge, we want to talk to you about what it’s like to work in Engineering at Apptegy. Your past experience includes:

+ Deep experience as a software engineer involving both deciding feature and/or platform architecture, writing code, and writing tests for your code

+ 10+ years of experience with a focus on backend

+ Strong experience in a top-level database system (ideally Postgres, but others work also)

+ You’ve picked up and mastered a modern language (e.g. Python, Javascript, Node.js) and new technologies outside your comfort zone

+ Working closely with other software engineers to accomplish larger objectives

What you’ll learn and do at Apptegy:

+ Write beautiful code in Ruby and Rails (often for new features, new products/platforms)

+ Work with a SCRUM team with other backend engineers and front-end (Vue.js) engineers, QA/Test, and DevOps engineers

+ Discuss the best architecture for a feature and dive deep into Design Patterns

+ Work with and assist other engineers to think through architectural decisions

+ Write clear documentation with the help of Product and Tech Ops

+ Use good coding standards (best framework and language idioms)

+ Work closely with Product Managers and Engineering leaders (CTO & VPs)

What is expected of engineers at Apptegy? We expect a lot of our engineers. We’ve been able to build an exceptional team that cares about their work and each other. We are incredibly proud of our team. We are also fortunate to have the opportunity to build products, platforms, and features that empower schools and school leaders to highlight their strengths and give the best opportunities to their students. Self-driven & Always Learning: At Apptegy, we believe that the right people are intrinsically motivated. We have built a team of engineers that enjoy learning and take that responsibility seriously. Whether they are starting out on their career or well into their experience, they are still looking to improve on their weaknesses and to use their strengths to help others. In short, they are naturally motivated to do meaningful work and they own their learning experience. To quote an experienced engineer that joined Apptegy in 2020, “People here are like some sort of crack squad of commandos. They are running into what needs doing and doing it. They’re more likely to do too much than too little. This is an excellent team.” An interest in Culture and Code: We reject the stereotype that engineers want to be left alone to work. In our experience, engineers care deeply about culture, empathy, and enjoying the people they work with. Many of our best engineers were as curious about culture as anyone in People or HR would be. We have been able to create a high performing and thoughtful culture across the company and that extends to and is made better by Engineering. That means you get time to do great work and you get to be surrounded by people who care about their work and you. Speak up: In some companies, engineers have to wait their turn to speak up. You have to have a minimum number of years of experience to have a voice at the table. Or if you’re a senior engineer, you need to hold off until you’ve gained the trust of the veteran engineers. At Apptegy, you have a voice from the start. Some of the best ideas have come from junior engineers that see things differently. We want the best ideas to win- no matter who it comes from. And those times when the best idea comes from someone else are an opportunity for you to learn and to increase your learning process. What is true of you? An aptitude for challenge & a track record of success:

+ You have completed a four-year college degree ideally in Computer Science or similar (or without a technical degree, you have experience building successful products and platforms for 5+ years)

+ You have an impressive track record in your academic and work history.

+ You have been involved in decision making, architecting, or delivering robust backend features

An ability to manage your day and be effective & efficient:

+ You have managed your own workflow and schedule.

+ You do not need someone to guide your day or tell you what to do next.

Strong communication skills:

+ You enjoy and have experience presenting or communicating in a professional environment.

+ You know how to communicate your ideas

+ You want to learn from and listen to the ideas of other engineers

What else should I know? We take our responsibility as a company seriously and aim to make this the best job that you’ve had (and one that sets you up for future success). We want your day at work and your time at home to be a joyful experience that’s why we provide:

+ Medical, dental, vision insurance for you and dependents

+ Matching 401(k) retirement plan

+ Discretionary/flexible paid time off policy

+ Parental leave

+ Dependent Care FSA

If the challenge of continuing to build a successful startup excites you as much as it does us, we hope that you’ll consider joining us. —

Apptegy is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

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