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at Roper Kia in Joplin, Missouri, United States

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My name is Janelle Griego and the next 5 minutes could literally change your life.I love what I do. I love my job, my coworkers, my employees, my customers, and my day is filled with joy and constant challenges that make me grow and become a better person.It wasn’t always that way. . .Not long ago I was frustrated, tired all the time, felt constant pressure and was sick and tired of working my butt off and feeling like a hamster in a spinning wheel. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like you were stuck living the same frustrating day over and over.Ever see the movie “Ground Hog Day”?That was my life. Waking up. Stuck in traffic. Working mundane purposeless hours. Driving home. Not seeing my family or friends (the ones I was doing all this for). Then alarm goes off and I would do it all over again. I got paid. I made money and I told myself that all this WORK was what I needed to do. Until one day I woke up and realized what I already knew; I had no breathing room – no purpose in my life.And worse, I wasn’t feeling like I was doing what I was truly created for. I was just doing what I was really good at.I wanted more. . . (that’s the wrong word)I needed more. . . What changed for me was a decision that my life, my work, and my day needed to be filled with a purpose beyond bringing home a paycheck. I was surrounded by people and opportunities to make a difference. I realized my gift was to encourage, challenge, learn, and teach. I truly enjoy helping people become better versions of themselves! And after working at a car dealership (of all places!) for 6 years here in Joplin, I have never been so excited about life, my work, and my mission.That’s what brings me to YOU. . .I’m looking for you if you are looking for an environment that will challenge you. I’m hoping to meet you if you are sick and tired of being “stuck at work”. And I want to meet you if you are committed to excellence and creating customer enthusiasm. Where I am today. . . I am the Asst Business Development Manager of Roper Kia in Joplin. Since I realized I needed this ’breathing room" I started running our department differently and have already seen a lot of great changes to the culture and team. But we are not finished yet! Unfortunately, with all the changes I wanted to implement we had some people here who were not as committed to growth, excellence, and success as I needed them to be so we had to part ways.Here is my invitation. . .Roper Kia is under a new mission and vision and we want you to consider joining us. We are an established, family owned dealership that has grown, multiplied to multiple roof tops and is managed with strong principles and a commitment to creating an amazing employee and customer experience.VERY IMPORTANTPLEASE READ CAREFULLYTYPICALLY job seekers fall into 3 main groups:

+ 80% – I’m looking for a job, any job, just need a check.

+ 15% – I’m looking for work, I will work, just put me to work.

+ 5% – I’m looking for career with the right company.

If you are a 5%, level 3 person, I hope you like what you read next! Here’s a great quote about job seekers, “If you are not willing to work to get a job, I should have no confidence you will work once you get the job.” What type of person we’re looking for. . . ? We are less interested in personality than we are mindset. Are you mentally dominant? Are you relentlessly resilient? Do you achieve what you set before you? Tim Grover, the trainer for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, describes 3 types of competitors. “Coolers,” “Closers,” and “Cleaners” – or Good, Great, and Unstoppable. You can read more about it here ( . Tim created the third category of “Cleaners” because calling Michael Jordan a “Closer” on the dream team of all those other Closers, he said was an insult to Michael. He was another cut above. He was on another level. Which is why he is often regarded as the best of the best. We are looking for someone that identifies as a closer. Think on your life, do you exhibit characteristics like this? Someone, and ONLY someone, who fits this description will have the potential to earn almost $35/hour or $70k+/year with us! The best candidates will:

+ Have previous phone sales experience of at least 2 years.

+ Have graduated high school, some college experience is a plus.

+ Have no more than 3 moving violations in the last 3 years.

+ Be able to pass a drug screen and criminal background check.

+ Be professional on the phone and in appearance.

+ Be able to demonstrate their sales ability and personal drive.

We encourage the following to apply:

+ Retired military personnel.

+ Women.

+ Ex-athletes.

+ Call center representatives.

+ Sales professionals.

+ We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified candidates will be considered regardless of race, sex, or religion.

What we offer:

+ Recognition for your work and achievement

+ Genuinely supportive management team

+ A family friendly atmosphere

+ The nicest inventory in the area (seriously…check it out!)

+ Competitive and fair pricing

+ Encouraging work environment

+ Ongoing training from a national sales trainer

+ High traffic (hundreds of customers per week) great location

+ Very strong pay plan and benefits (we share the growth and the wealth!)

+ Advancement opportunities with a fast-growing dealer

Does this sound interesting? If you feel like this ad is speaking to you, here’s what you need to know… We are a customer-centered, value priced, and relationship driven dealership. We are not ashamed of how much we love our people and our customer. Our job is more than just “selling cars”, it’s making a REAL DIFFERENCE in people’s lives while being a REAL RESOURCE to our community. That guiding principle effects what we do inside and outside of the dealership! We believe that if we continue to do what is right by our staff, our clients, and our community nothing can stop us from succeeding.Opportunity is knocking! Are you ready to answer? Roper Kia is seeking great people to build our professional sales team.If that is you… READ ON!We are looking for professionals that are willing to take the success they have already achieved, and increase it through on-going training and personal and professional growth.Professionals aren’t willing to settle for mediocrity because they want something more, something challenging, and something new.That’s what Roper Kia is all about…being a resource to our coworkers, customers and our community. Attention all Level 3, 5% people reading this ad. . . Remember I said, If you won’t work to get the job, I should have no confidence you will work once you have it.Technology has changed the car business. If you are not “up with the times” you will not succeed.Here’s your assignment:Step #1 — Please send an email to and share something with us that you’re passionate about and why. It can be family, friends, fishing, cars — you name it. Just make sure you put the words “Level 3” in the subject line.Step #2 – Think about what kind of voicemail you would leave a customer to engage them to call you back. It can be about any product or service, it doesn’t matter! Just be different, clever, and stand out! Call (417) 385-1662 – it’s our dedicated message line (no one will pick up). Leave a voicemail for me (Janelle) that is so awesome, that if I was a prospective customer, I would HAVE to call you back! Hopefully we’ll talk soon – depending on that voicemail!

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Posted On: Jun 27, 2021

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