Agricultural Equipment Operator

in County, AR

Job Description

Seasonal/Temporary work from 8/10/21 thru 1/1/22...

Drives and operates farm machines such as tractors, trucks to perform specified farm activities like plant, cultivate,harvest, store crops such as wheat, soybeans, rice, corn; Hitches soil conditioning implement, such as plow,cultivator, harrow to tractor, and operates tractor and towed implement to furrow and cultivate soil; Drives truck or tractor with trailer attached to move crops or equipment to designated locations; Load trucks from bins; Drives tractor and operates designated towed machine, such as seed drill or planter, to plant crops; Tends sprinkler system such as poly pipe, center pivot, flood, that irrigates land: Lays out poly along designated settings in field;Connects using hand labor; Starts engine and adjusts controls of irrigation system to water crops; Observes sprinklers to ensure uniform distribution of water to all areas; Disassembles system and moves it to next location after specified time intervals; Manual labor including washing equipment and performing in field repairs to ensure appropriate operation; Driving farm vehicle; Minor daily and incidental upkeep to equipment and worksite

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Job Posting: 2952629

Posted On: Jun 14, 2021

Updated On: Oct 21, 2021