Bus Monitor/Assistant Teacher at Dumas

at CAPCA in Conway, Arkansas, United States

Job Description

  1. Maintain a professional attitude with staff, parents, volunteers, and children at all times.
  2. Responsible for seeing that children board and leave the bus in a safe manner.
  3. Responsible for seeing that children are seated safely.
  4. Responsible for seeing that children behave properly while being transported.
  5. Conduct educational activities while in transit that extend and reinforce classroom learning. This may include singing, telling stories, playing visual games or doing quiet activities throughout a bus route.
  6. Responsible for seeing that children are accounted for and are safely in their designated classroom upon arrival.
  7. Responsible for seeing that children are returned to parent or other authorized adult.
  8. Responsible for forming positive, trusting relationships with children and with families to support children’s growth and development.
  9. Assist teachers with observing children regularly and individualizing for each child based on these observations.
  10. Responsible for creating a warm and welcoming environment that supports children’s growth and development.
  11. Responsible for ensuring the health and safety of children.
  12. Responsible for guiding children’s behavior in positive ways.
  13. Responsible for using routines as opportunities for growth and learning.
  14. Assist teachers in providing activities that facilitate children’s growth and development.
  15. Take every safeguard to protect children and make careful decisions regarding their daily care.
  16. Assist with the orderliness and cleanliness of the center.
  17. Work in close cooperation and participate in activities with and for parents.
  18. Promote good eating habits by sitting at the table and eating with the children when food is served, conversing with children and encouraging good table manners.
  19. Assist in implementing the curriculum and daily lesson plans.
  20. Assist in obtaining and documenting In-Kind for parent and community activities.
  21. Attend and participate in center staff meetings. Participate in parent meetings and staffings as requested.
  22. Must be able to see, hear and respond to children’s needs, emergencies and conflicts that might occur in the classroom, playground, bathrooms or other areas used by children.
  23. Responsible for data management of designated areas.
  24. Assist in the avoidance or appearance of fraud and ensure compliance in the overall management of the Early Childhood area.
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Posted On: May 14, 2021

Updated On: Aug 01, 2021