Family Advocate at Conway

at CAPCA in Conway, Arkansas, United States

Job Description

  1. Responsible for the overall implementation of the Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment and Attendance, content area at the center level.
  2. Maintain a professional attitude and is cooperative with all staff, parents, volunteers and community persons.
  3. Serve as an advocate on behalf of parents, assisting to obtain needed services, schedule appointments and complete necessary forms.
  4. Work to ensure that lines of communication are open between parents and staff. Assist in providing information to parents in areas that may lead toward self-sufficiency.
  5. Work in close coordination with Agency Community Advocates to ensure services for families, including case management and Family Partnership Agreements are implemented.
  6. Work with the Health Coordinator to verify immunization status for potential applicants prior and during children are enrolled.
  7. Coordinate with Behavior Specialist/Mental Health Coordinator and Health/Nutrition Coordinator to ensure the completion of screenings and exams as required by the Office of Head Start within designated timeframes. Assist families to ensure that health related referrals and follow-up services are completed in a timely manner.
  8. Maintain positive working relationship with all service providers.
  9. Enter all assigned data into MYHS.
  10. Maintain accurate, complete, and up-to-date records on children and ensure their confidentiality.
  11. Review tracking systems for accuracy and up-to-date information.
  12. Assist in making home visits and referrals for families who are in need of assistance. Family contacts are documented in MYHS
  13. Assist in obtaining and documenting In-Kind for parent and community activities.
  14. Attend staffings, Quality Team Meetings (QTM), center staff meetings and parent meetings as requested.
  15. Assist in mobilizing local resources in the communities served.
  16. Responsible for data management in designated areas.
  17. Responsible for avoidance or appearance of fraud and ensuring compliance in designated areas.
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Posted On: May 14, 2021

Updated On: Aug 01, 2021