Forestry Workers

at Apex Row, LLC in Marshall, Arkansas, United States

Job Description

78 Temporary Forestry Workers, Apex ROW, 911 Hwy 65 North,  Marshall, AR 72650, 04/01/21-10/31/21 All applicants be able, willing, qualified perform work described in this JO/Ad; must be available entire period specified. Under supervision, perform manual labor, carrying up to 50lb backpack, develop, maintain, protect forests areas, woodlands, rangelands various activities such as dig holes w/plant tool, plant tree seedlings w/o J or U root, fill hole w/ dirt secure seedling. Combat insects, pests, diseases. May walk long distances remote areas, approx. 15-miles day, stoop, bend, variable weather, terrain conditions. Check equip ensure operating. Sort seedlings discard substandard seedlings. Hrs/Wage may vary climate and area of work. OT may be available, not guaranteed. Transport to from job location provided by employer on daily work days no cost to worker. 7A-5P M-F (Varying wage range: $10.69-25.30hr OT$16.04-37.95/hr.). States: begin in: AR: $13.18-17.03/hr. OT $19.77-25.55/hr. AL$14.28-17.17/hr OT$21.42-25.76; MS: $13.18-15.76/hr. OT19.77-23.64/hr.; KS: $15.76-22.20/hr. OT 23.64-33.30.; OK: $15.65-21.04/hr. OT 23.48-31.56/hr.; TX: $16.71-18.23. OT 25.07-27.35hr.; LA: $17.56-20.53/hr. OT 26.34-30.80/hr.; MO: $15.65-22.20/hr. OT23.48-33.30/hr.; PA $16.85-25.30/hr. OT25.28-37.95/hr; OH $13.98-24.45/hr OT$20.97-36.68/hr. GA $11.22-14.28/hr OT$16.83-21.42/hr. KY$13.92-19.82/hr. OT$20.88-29.73/hr. WV $13.40-24.98/hr. OT$20.10-37.47/hr. FL$15.67-20.10/hr OT$23.51-30.15/hr.TN $11.65-13.92/hr. OT17.48-20.88; IA: $12.19/hr. OT$18.29/hr. IL: $10.69-22.20/hr. OT$16.04-33.30. Drug, alcohol, tobacco free work zone; if Supervisor observes worker possibly under influence drugs/alcohol employer paid testing, failure to participate, failed test=dismissal. Must show proof legal authority work in U.S. Min. age 18-yrs due to travel. No minimal ed. or Exp. reqd. OJT. All work done w/Apex provided tools, supplies, equip w/o charge or deposit in accordance. Possible increased wage based on experience. Employer reserves option provide additional compensation for performance and tenure. Apex uses single workweek as standard for compute wages due. Paid weekly. Employer will comply w/applicable federal, state, local laws pertain to OT hrs. & deductions reqd by law. Apex reimburse worker first work week transport/subsistence from place which worker has come to work for employer, whether U.S. or abroad, to place of employment. Upon completion of work contract or where worker dismissed earlier, employer provides or pay for worker’s reasonable costs return transport/subsistence back home or place worker originally departed, except where worker will not return due to subsequent employment w/w/another employer. Amount of transport payment or reimbursement equal to most econ/reasonable common carrier for distances involved. Daily subsistence provided rate of $12.68 per day during travel to max $55 per day w/ receipts. Employer offers assistance locating lodging by supplying list public accommodation options, cost varies by location should workers not choose to stay in employer paid (hotel type housing) to extent reqd. by law. Will reimburse H-2B worker first workweek paycheck for visa, visa processing, border crossing, & other related fees, to extent reqd. by law, including fees mandated by U.S. govt. incurred by H-2B worker, not including passport or other fees not primarily for benefit of employer. Once worker completes 50% employment period, transport costs (most efficient carrier cost), subsistence costs reimbursed worker. 3/4 Guarantee: If legally enforceable, worker offered employment total number work hrs equal at least 3/4 (26.25/hrs.per wk) workdays each 12-wk period. Terms, conditions in advertisement are those reqd by H-2B regs which state full extent of H-2B workers’ rights, remedies. Employer provides benefits as specified in the regs @ time work is performed.

Job Details


Apex Row, LLC


911 Hwy 65 North
Marshall, Arkansas 72650
United States

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Posted On: Feb 23, 2021

Updated On: May 04, 2021