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Social Work. 440701


In 1996, the Behavioral Health program was designed to prepare social service and human service workers with broad skills necessary to perform many jobs effectively and efficiently. It is an AAS degree but is part of the Arts and Sciences department.
Phillips and Arkansas Counties’ social and human service agencies need multi-skilled workers who can perform a variety of tasks and have a strong social science educational base (people skills).
The coordination of social and human services education is logical because many of the social and human service agencies have overlapping responsibilities.
Mental health centers, hospitals, and the Department of Human Services all deal with child welfare, problems with the elderly, employment issues, mental health, poverty; in fact, the list of social concerns affecting all of these kinds of agencies is almost endless.
Many universities that offer degrees in social work or human services have combined the education.
According to the 2018 Occupational Outlook Handbook, the terms “social service and human service workers” are generic and include many job titles:
behavioral health case worker, human service worker, human service specialist, mental health worker, substance abuse worker, social service technician, chemical dependence worker, home health aide, case management aide, social work assistant, residential counselor, mental health technician, child abuse worker, elder abuse worker, community outreach worker, gerontology aide, and many more.
Again, one of the most important factors in the education and training of social and human service workers in today’s workforce is the ability to perform many tasks using a variety of skills.
Job titles often do not adequately describe an employee’s responsibilities.




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High School Diploma or Equivalent


PHILLIPS Community College of the U of A (DeWitt)

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5045 - Southeast

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29-2053.00Psychiatric Technicians
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PO Box 427, DeWitt, Arkansas 72042

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(870) 946-3506

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