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Job Seeker Services
Welcome to Arkansas JobLink, a free job match and workplace information service for job seekers. Arkansas JobLink is your portal to services offered through the Workforce Network of Arkansas.

Jobseekers can access a variety of services through Arkansas JobLink:
  • Utilize the Quick Search feature on our Home Page to preview current job listings by geographic location and/or keyword(s).

  • Establish a self-service account to manage your job search efforts.

  • Receive assistance from professional staff in managing your job search, creating a resume, registering for work, interviewing for a job, career exploration, job training, or labor market information by contacting your nearest Workforce Centers.
Search for Jobs:
Job seekers can search for jobs using a variety of search tools:
  1. Quick Search

  2. Advanced Search, including by job number; date of last update; and employer;

  3. Resume Target Job

  4. Saved Job Search Profiles
Jobseekers who provide an email address as part of their contact information can choose to receive notification from Arkansas JobLink of new or updated jobs that match their resume target job using Email Alerts.

Create a Resume
Job seekers can create online resumes, which can be viewed by employers who have been approved by Arkansas JobLink to conduct resume searches. Options are also available to upload an existing resume, or copy and paste from an existing resume. Online resumes include optional references with additional options to display references on the resume or not.

Jobseekers control who can see their resumes and the contact information on them:
  1. Public: displays all information on the resume, including all contact information.

  2. Public Limited: displays all information on the resume, except contact information. Only names and email addresses display to employers who view your resume.

  3. Private: does not display the resume. Resumes will not display to employers who conduct resume searches. Job seekers who choose this option can use their resumes to search for jobs and receive email alerts.
The disclosure level can be set when the resume is created, but can be edited at any time. Resumes also include options to save in Word or PDF, preview, and print.

Contacting Employers
Jobseekers can contact employers directly about job openings by reviewing the job information for employer contact information and referral instructions.

Some employers choose to have the Arkansas Workforce Centers staff screen jobseekers for referral to their job openings. For these jobs, information on how to proceed displays on the job posting, and may require contact with the local Workforce Centers prior to a referral to the job.

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