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Employer Services
Welcome to Arkansas JobLink, a free job match and workplace information service for employers. Arkansas JobLink is your portal to services offered through the Workforce Network of Arkansas.

Employers can access a variety of services through Arkansas JobLink. As an employer, you can establish a self-service account to manage your job openings and search for job candidates.

About Your Account
After creating an account, your account must be validated by our staff before your job orders are made available to job seekers and you can view a job seeker's resume. This validation is usually accomplished within 24 hours; however, please wait 72 hours before making inquiries. If you enter an email address, we will contact you upon approval of your account.

About Your Job Order
Employers can enter job openings directly into the system to be viewed by job seekers, at one of the following disclosure levels:
  • Public: allows job seekers to view all employer contact and job order information.

  • Public Limited: hides all employer contact information except e-mail address.

  • Private: is not viewable by job seekers, but allows employers to search and view skill comparisons and job seeker resumes.
Employers can make job orders inactive by clicking the "Make Inactive" link from their Active Jobs list. Employers can copy inactivate orders, make updates, if needed, and make the copied orders active.

Employers' active jobs are available to our professional staff for job matching. Through the labor exchange matching system, job seekers may be referred to you by our staff, or job seekers may contact you directly using the information provided on your active job order.

If you check the Would you like to receive resume matches by email? box on your job order, Arkansas JobLink will send e-mails to you each night with all new resumes entered into Arkansas JobLink that match the occupational classification of your job opening.

Please provide accurate contact information to make contact easier for an interested job seeker.

You must select an occupational classification that best describes your job opening. A specific job title is required to be entered. This is an important step as the occupational classification is used to conduct all job matching activities.

Requirements for Job Listings
We depend upon you to keep your job postings and other information about your company updated. We reserve the right to remove any job posting that contains inaccurate or inappropriate information.

Need Assistance From Our Staff?
Arkansas JobLink fills many job openings with qualified workers each year. Like any other service, we are looking for ways to make our operation more efficient and responsive to the people we serve. As part of our continuing effort to meet the needs of business and workers, Arkansas JobLink is supplementing the services available to employers by allowing them to submit jobs by creating "Self Service" Employer Accounts or by contacting their nearest Workforce Centers for personalized direct assistance.

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